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The Motion Made by The Grand Commandery of Ohio to Asses Fees Against Call Is out of Order

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

The Special Conclave has been formally adopted. Pursuant to Section 4 of the Constitution, the Grand Master has the power to schedule the Special Conclave, which he has done, for March 12, 1 p.m., in Fort Wayne, Indiana, as part of the East Central Department Conference. We hope to see you there.

However, the Grand Master has added an item to the agenda, which is unconstitutional.

The Grand Commandery of Ohio has apparently forwarded this motion, which has been appended to the agenda as Item 1:

“All costs associated with the Special Conclave of the Grand Encampment are to be paid by the Grand Commanderies requesting the Special Conclave.”

Section 4 specifically states that “[n]o business shall be transacted at such Conclave save that specified by the Grand Master in his summons or set out in the request.” The Grand Master did not call the Special Conclave, but “at least Nine Grand Commanderies” did by “written request.”

Thus the items of business are controlled by the call adopted.

The motion made by the Grand Commandery of Ohio for the Grand Commanderies that made the call to pay for the Special Conclave is clearly out of order.

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Jerry Hamilton
Jerry Hamilton
26 janv. 2022

The Grand Commandery of Ohio is not one of the Grand Commanderys who voted for a Special Conclave of the Grand Encampment. Ohio has no say in what business is to be conducted at the Special Conclave. Their motion is out of order and should not be considered.

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