The Grand Master's grounds for rescinding a 3/4 majority vote of members present and voting at the Triennial Conclave rests in an unusual interpretation of Sections 99 and 97 of the Constitution of the Grand Encampment.

The Grand Master now rules that any legislation that touches upon recognition - even if only obliquely - must first be recommended or approved by the Committee on Foreign Relations before it can be determined for adoption by the Grand Encampment in Conclave assembled. 

Since the Committee of Foreign Relations did not give a recommendation - or approve the proposed Resolution No. 2021-23 at the Triennial Conclave - then, according to the Grand Master, the legislation should not have been proposed to the floor for consideration.

This appears to be contrary the plain reading of the Constitution. The Jurisprudence Committee does not endorse legislation. The Jurisprudence Committee ensures legislation is properly submitted timely and in due form for consideration by the assembly. Download the Constitution here.

Other Grounds

The Grand Master also states that literature in the asylum providing a history of the Great Priory of America was somehow illegally entered into the asylum for the purposes of tainting the vote. Download the "literature" here

No objection to the "literature" was raised during the proceeding, even though the "literature" was known to be present by the Grand Master and his officers.


In the past, candidates for elected office have had brochures in the asylum during the Conclaves. 

Section 99.The Committee on Foreign Relations shall consist of Three members, to be appointed at each Triennial Conclave by the newly elected Grand Master, and to serve until the close of the next Triennial Conclave. The Chairman shall be a Past Master or an Officer of the Grand Encampment. It shall report to the Grand Encampment all matters of interest connected with the doings and current history of Foreign Bodies of Knight Templar, make such suggestions as may conduce to the benefit and good of the Order of Christian Knighthood throughout the World, and consider and report upon such correspondence as may be had between this Grand Encampment and any foreign body of Knights Templar. 

Section 97.The Committee on Templar Jurisprudence shall consist of Five members, to be appointed at each Triennial Conclave by the newly elected Grand Master, and to serve until the close of the next Triennial Conclave. It shall consider all decisions upon questions of Templar Laws and usage reported by the Grand Master and such other matters as may be referred to it 

by him or the Grand Encampment, and its conclusions shall be reported to the Grand Encampment. The Committee, when called upon, shall give opinions on the legislative, judicial and executive functions of the Grand Encampment, the Grand Commanderies, and the Constituent and Subordinate Commanderies, and on the prerogatives, powers and duties of the officers and members thereof. It shall advise upon all questions of Templar Law and report upon all proposed amendments of the Constitution, Statutes, Regulations and Edicts.