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Salt Lake City Masonic Temple Offers Grand Encampment Facility for Special Conclave - for Free!

Exorbitant amounts have been quoted by the Grand Master of the Grand Encampment enumerating the expenses for the Special Conclave. Amounts in excess of $150,000 have been proposed, and, the Grand Master has said, all Grand Commanderies would have to pay their share in to escrow before he will schedule the Conclave.

While this seems unreasonable (both the projected cost as well as the Grand Master's statements that Grand Commanderies would have to prepay the expense when, in actual fact, they already have (it's called per capita)) the question of the inordinate expense is now moot because the Salt Lake City Masonic Temple has been offered for use by the Grand Encampment for free.

Sir Knights would need to get themselves to Salt Lake City and find their accommodation. This, for most Sir Knights, is no different than any other Triennial session.

The Grand Encampment officers all have travel budgets that they could leverage to cover their expenses already in place. Mileage need not be paid.

Any reasonable Grand Master would not act to inflate the costs of the proceeding as such would clearly be a waste of Grand Encampment resources.

The Salt Lake City Masonic Temple seats up to 800. More than enough room (the number of voting delegates at the 68th Triennial was under 350).

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