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S.K. David Kussman Issues Letter of Protest to Grand Master Johnson:

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

"Justice's blindfold may be a Masonic hoodwink, but her sword is a Templar blade!"

S.K. David Kussman, removed from office as Deputy Grand Master on Sept. 7, 2021, issued the following letter when he returned his jewel of office to the R.E. Grand Recorder last week at the annual session of the Social Order of the Beauceant.

Download a copy of the letter here:

Download PDF • 1.29MB

The letter states that, in obedience to the Grand Master's order, S.K. Kussman returns his jewel of office but under protest. The letter denies any wrongdoing or any of the charges "spuriously alleged" against him. The letter further issues a demand that S.K. Johnson retract the defamatory statements made by the Grand Master and reverse "this course of action before it accelerates towards the ultimate outcome."

I've pasted the text of the letter below.


SK Michael B. Johnson, GCT

Right Eminent Grand Master

[Address withheld]

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Pursuant to your demand dated September 7, 2021, I have complied with your request to deliver my Grand Encampment Deputy Grand Master Jewel to Sir Knight Lawrence E. Tucker, GCT our Grand Recorder.

Please understand, I return this jewel under protest.

Nothing in my act of returning this jewel should be construed as an admission to any of the charges you have spuriously alleged at my door.

I remain steadfast: I have performed my duty as a Templar. I have followed the orders given me by Grand Master Nelson. I have acted in no manner that warrants such unjust action on your part.

I ask you: When, in the two weeks after your installation to the office of Grand Master, did I commit any act of disloyalty or malfeasance to you or the Grand Encampment?

The actions for which you unjustly accuse me were taken before the 68th Triennial Session. I remind you, sir, that I was appointed to a committee with other elected officers of the Grand Encampment line by then-Grand Master, Jeffrey N. Nelson, GCT, and was charged to end this petty and absurd feud with the Great Priory of America.

Consider that 77% of the voting delegates supported these actions.

To my knowledge, never in the history of the Grand Encampment Knights Templar, USA has a Deputy Grand Master, unanimously elected, been removed unilaterally, without cause, and without the benefit of a hearing wherein he may confront his accusers or answer for the charges alleged.

You have stated to the Sir Knights attending Department Conferences that Section 23 of the Constitution of the Grand Encampment gives you these inordinate powers. But Section 23 does not allow you to act against the interests of Templary, to act arbitrarily, or to contradict the Constitution, Statutes, Rules, Regulations and Rituals of our Order.

To any reasonable person, your actions cannot be legitimized by a plain reading of Section 23. To my knowledge, the controlling section of the Constitution regarding the removal of an elected officer is Crofts Decision No. 4 (1970). Your actions contravene this Decision. Your actions run contrary to the Constitution and make a mockery of all doctrines of liberty and plain dealing.

Consider that, when for the first time the doctrine of distraint was applied to the monarch, when King John was presented the Magna Carta (which restrained the arbitrary powers of the monarch), Almeric de St. Maur, Grand Master of the English Templars was there.

Consider that King John spent the eve of Magna Carta in the Commandery at Temple Bar.

Consider that when King Edward II rode north to make war in the Scottish borderlands in 1314, it was the Templars who rose up with Robert the Bruce and repulsed the tyrant.

The Templar blade touched the shoulders of Paul Revere. It resisted the attempts of an arbitrary and capricious law to make subjects of the American people.

Justice's blindfold may a be masonic hoodwink, but her sword is a Templar blade!

Tyranny is anathema to Templary. And insomuch as these great United States owe to the Templars and our Masonic forebears the origin of the common law, it's anathema to all Godfearing Americans, too.

Search your heart, Sir Knight Michael, search your heart and ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing: Why are you letting a small group of leadership steer you this way?

At the end of the day, Sir Knight Michael, it is you alone who will be held accountable for your actions as Grand Master. Not those who whisper in your ear, not those who manufacture readings of the Constitution to excuse your actions.

Who do you represent: the small group who now surround you, or the majority of our membership clamoring at your door?

Ask yourself, who benefits from these actions? And who pays the price?

I pray for you Sir Knight Michael. I pray that you will rise up and seek the truth in your heart. What came you here to do?

I am your brother, Michael, but you must know I will defend my good name. In a final effort for peace, and in token of my fraternal love and affection, I ask that you immediately retract your defamatory statements made about me and reverse this course of action before it accelerates towards the ultimate outcome.

In the bonds of Chivalry, I am,

Courteously and Respectfully,


Sir Knight David J. Kussman, GCT

Right Eminent Past Grand Generalissimo

Grand Encampment of Knights Templar, USA

[Address withheld]

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